I need to get into the habit of writing.

Watching Red Dragon, the remake of Thomas Harris’s first Hannibal Lecter novel, this time with Ed Norton, Harvey Keitel, Ralph Fiennes, Emily Watson, and Philip Seymore Hoffman. Good flick.

Should try different approaches to writing. More writing is good practice. Some will stick, some won’t. I’m such a verbal person and love telling stories..

Some stories are too true to tell.

Living in an alternate world.

Organizing the mind is not simple. It wants to organize itself to external reality.

When there’s not much to say, freewriting….

Hobby horse. Sesame Street. Hippity hops. Nerf bats. Running through the sewers. Big wheels on the hill. Maypole in the parking lot / playground. Wonder Woman, Dr. Who, The Incredible Hulk. Blocks and marble runs. Star Wars. Close Encounters of the Third Kind. JAWS! The Harvard Bookstore. The Coop. Or is it The COOP? Robert Crumb, keep on truckin’. The College of the Holy Cross. Used books in Worcester. Climbing on rooftops. Playing on train tracks. Midnight. Calico. Oscar. Sneaking to open Christmas presents before dawn. Fresh squeezed OJ. Throwing homework to the wind. Playing softball in the driveway. Zach and …

Marion. Fight on the playground. Senior del Gato was a cat. Rubik’s cube. Spy Hunter, Star Wars, Q-Bert. Putting logs on the train tracks. Walking the river in shorts and galoshes. Puzzles. Matchbox cars on electric tracks. Book reports and the Encyclopedia. Tears. Boom!

Piano lessons. Boy scouts. J. Geils Band. MTV. Thriller. Benetar, Madonna, The Police, Prince, Purple Rain, The Road Warrior, Footloose. Hay stacks, find the needle…

Banana whiskey. Vodka … no, not yet. Melissa. First crush. Ogling yearbook photos. Ryan Nunez. Biking to get bear claws at Piggly Wiggly. Space Ace. Midnight runs with dad. Billy Joel. Space age solar cooker. Collecting bugs. Freezing on pins. Swimming swimming. Philip Glass Glassworks. The Twilight Zone. Masturbation.

Jenn and Stephanie (?). Hershey park. Fighting my nemesis. Ajajaja, eskimos never eat pizza… Elective woodworking, pottery, metal working. US History for one month. Driving thru Manhattan w Calico and mom. Lost cat!

Wyoming Ave. Matt Dougherty. Alpha and Omega houses. Oil Can Boyd. Howie. Eric. Pete and Ben and Tony. Eric (JEM). Suicide.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Asking girls out. (Fail!) English report on AI and visual recognition. Making things with clay. Home Ec. Missing time…

High school. Invisible. Wandering halls. Jason Tennis. Wes hands me …And Justice for All on Walkman. Tennis club. Playboys. Weeeeed.

Road trip. Texas, wrastlin’ cattle. Step grandpa killed a rattler. Easter egg chickens. Lost in desert on Xmas day. Grand canyon. Pasadena. San Fran. Haight Ashbury. Business suits discussing Metallica. Car broke down in Alabama. Flip book cartoons in margins of Stephen King novels. Cujo.

Eric’s bar mitzvah. Wearing a suit. Rich kids spoiled rotten. Jessica. Sigh. Dances with punch and soda and pretzels.

Kate. Kissing a girl. Walking through the graveyard.

LSD. Out of body experience. Herbal Gerbil. Van Halen. Beautiful Girls. Strobing in a blizzard. Beethoven with dad, rainbows pouring from orchestra pit.

Drop out. Yelled at by Latin teacher. Catatonic on mom’s couch. Parents whispering in fear. Dangerously hippie school. Palfrey. Drea. Dan.

Party all night. Stab baby Jesus. Community service. (Thanks Rachel!)

Quitting drugs and drink. Driving alone with radio. Delivering pizza. Crash Ben’s party. Stacy. Love of my life, beauty in the corner, watching us play darts. Sorry, Pete.

Love love love love love. Sex. Second time’s the charm. Thanks for not being an asshole…

Harvard extension. Music class. Jamming in the parking lot. Nutmeg challenge accepted. Hanging w/ more experienced women. Marillion and Floyd in my room w/ Minnie Mouse. Jamming on the sunporch until 2am. Angry neighbors. Valedictorian in absentia. Oops.

Limbo. Italy. Alone. Fear. Sadness. Hopelessness. A desperate reaching out. You’re not gonna win me back… Love me two times… You’re ruining Easter!! Strobing flashing colors. Puking. Ambulance ride. Moon is full… April Fool’s!

That’s enough for now.