Lessons learned

In the quest for the meaning of life, have so far figured out some bits and pieces…

Life is essentially but not practically the same everywhere you go. Travel leads nowhere. However travel is important to learning this, so do as much as possible. Staying in one place is just one form of attachment. Maybe.

Giving to others is the way to make friends. Sometimes this means giving honesty and sharing one’s own BS, but far better to invest in others’ realities, offer attention and friendship and helping hands and whatnot.

Doing nothing is often the best approach. Usually when you choose to suppress reactive actions, someone else will immediately act upon this floating karma in ways that are sometimes enlightening, other times fulfilling. Not sure if this process requires a wide open third eye or what.

London women are beautiful. Likewise Portugal, France, Poland, etc. But the ones from England are soooo lovely. Most of them have eyebrows that alone make me crazy. And the legs. And the smiles. Lordy.

Trying is usually the best approach.

Living in bunk beds is a pain in the ass.

There is a blurry line between lying and telling the truth. Part of the problem lies in this “whole truth” and “nothing but the truth” business. Also, acting is essentially lying without asserting in words.

Liars have far more success, at least in the short term of a single lifespan. But I see little evidence that karma ever catches up enough to make lying a bad idea. I wish I were able to lie…